It's Tour Time Baby!

Four days until the Ski Tour Canada kicks off in Gatineau!  Wow, that’s really soon.  I need emoticons for this haha.  Great news to share, I made the team!  I will be representing Canada over the 8-stage World Cup Tour, taking place in Gatineau, Montreal, Quebec City and Canmore.  I have always idealized the notion of being an all-around skier, capable in all disciplines.  For this reason, I avidly follow the Tour de Ski and dream of competing in it.  Ski Tour Canada is essentially the same thing, only better because it’s hosted in Canadian venues!  I am extremely thankful to all the organizers for making this event possible and I’m stoked to have the opportunity to compete in the Tour!

The past month has been entirely Tour focused for me.  I’ve been racing my heart out on the NorAm despite struggling with my energy levels to earn a spot on the Tour team.  My energy has been gradually improving and I’m elated to report I had some killer vibes in my final tune-up intensity yesterday (cross my fingers, knock on wood, wouldn’t want to jinx anything).

You can follow the Tour at and watch the live stream at  Unfortunately the Tour ain’t free for us athletes.  Expenses will be in the ballpark of $2500 - $3000.  If you’re interested in becoming a part of my support team, please shoot me an email ( and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Go Canada Go!
A bronze for me and a podium sweep for NDC TBay in Mont St Anne!
Eastern Canadian Championships 15km Skate Victory!  A big day for me towards qualifying for Ski Tour Canada.  Below is a photo from the race.  I was ecstatic to claim my first big win of the season. 

Lead pack of 5 in the Western Canadian Championships 20km Classic Mass Start.  I had a blast skiing in the lead group with my club teammates Evan and Andy.  Unfortunately I hit a patch of ice on the final descent into the stadium, costing me a podium result and a chance for a Lappe podium sweep.  You can see the look of exasperation on my face as I wind up 4th place.  Big ups to Evan for claiming his first NorAm victory!