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Hard Knocks of XC Ski Racing

The middle of the season has been a real up and down ride for me.I’ve experienced a few more of the ‘classic’ skier problems than I would have liked to.I figure by now, surely, I’ve used up my bad luck capacity for the season and all I have left is good luck to balance it out.
Over the holidays I had some fantastic training in the Kelowna area.The deep freeze that settled on Canada meant skiing in the Okanagan Valley I had to handle -13C temperatures… not so bad!
I guess I was a little too enthusiastic to train over the holidays because when I started my taper and arrived in Quebec for NorAm racing I found my body wanting more and more rest.I had anticipated my body would bounce back with good energy.It didn’t, and as a result, I didn’t have the races I hoped for in Quebec.
The worst hard knock was in the 30km Skiathlon.I was skiing at the back of the lead pack during the classic leg, doing my best to save energy by using the draft to my advantage so I could push hard on the skate le…

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