Canmore Super Camp

Quick update on ski life: I’m through 5 weeks of quality training and all is peachy.  I’m making gains each week and the body is responding well.  Right now I’m in Canmore in the middle of “Super Camp” with the vast majority of Canada’s top skiers.  The National Team, all three development centres and a few other top athletes have joined forces to align our training methods and improve our nation’s skiing success.  Here’s a few photos from our adventure workout of the training camp, a planned 3 hour high altitude run at Sunshine which turned into a 4.5 hour epic when we took a wrong turn, lost the trail and bushwhacked in the mountains for well over an hour.  Good times!

Above: Andy leading the group through the Sunshine meadows on a beauty day!
Below: Evan and crew running high in the alpine. 

Above: Ridge running is my fav!!!
Above: Kevin "Woodland" Sandau making the most of the bushwhacking experience.
Below: The crew lost and bushwhacking it up some random mountain.


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