The Perfect Nap

Today I had the perfect nap. I came home from training, hung up my wet clothes, threw in some laundry, made a couple ricotta, pesto sandwiches on fresh buns and hit the hay. I wasn't quite ready to sleep so I read an article in October's Outside Magazine titled "Sick Puppies". I don't know if the content of the article contributed at all, but by the time I finished it was lights out. 45 minutes later I woke up in a daze. Where am I? What time is it? I must have slept at least 3 hours... oh what? It's only 4pm! Man I went deep. Then a light bulb appeared above my head and I thought of the skit Will Ferrell did of George Bush on the subject of napping and nearly bust a gut laughing. Check the video out and the next time you wake up from an exceptional nap you too will experience the hilarity of remembering Will Ferrell's skit.


Jimmy Gunka said…
Haha. Man this is hilarious, I had a sexy dream, not so sexy that I had to change my pants though