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16 years of cross-country ski racing.  10 years of life as a training center athlete.  Over 9,000 hours of training and racing.  Thousands and thousands of kilometers covered.  The days of eat, train, sleep, repeat have come to a close for me. My skiing journey has been amazing!  I realize I am incredibly fortunate to have been able to chase my athletic dreams throughout my 20s.  I’ve had many memorable successes and shared incredible highs with family and friends. Conversely, I’ve battled through obstacles, leaned on my family and friends for support, and faced challenges more times than I’d like to recall.  At times, my journey has been character building and humbling. I would not have made it beyond any of these obstacles without the support of a few important people in my life.  My girlfriend, Britt, has been by my side through everything.  Britt has supported and encouraged me every step of the way.  Whenever I hit a low and dwelled in self-pity, Britt helped me move past

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